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    According to the Center for Disease Control, the number of students being diagnosed with special dietary needs and food allergies increase each year.

    Schools participating in a federal Child Nutrition Program (School Lunch, School Breakfast or After School Snack Program) are required to make accommodations for children who are unable to eat the school meals because of a disability that restricts their diet. In order to make modifications or substitutions to the school meal, schools must have a written Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service on file that is signed by a licensed physician.
    While schools are not required by law to accommodate students with non-disabling special dietary needs, Freedom School Nutrition Services will be happy to accommodate our student’s special dietary needs with a completed Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service .  Parent/Guardian should complete Part 1 and sign the signature line Medical Authority or Parent/Guardian Signature. 
    It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the school of any food allergy, disability or special dietary need. The parent must provide a copy of the Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service  to the school in order for School Nutrition Services to accommodate the student’s special dietary need. School Nutrition Services will make every effort to accommodate special dietary needs while following all the federal and state guidelines related to allergies and special dietary needs.

    The following form must be completed in order for School Nutrition Services to accommodate special dietary needs. Freedom Schools can not subsitute juice for milk.  The student may refuse the milk component of the meal under offer vs. served. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Click here to view or download the Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service 

    USDA, the governing agency for the National School Lunch/Breakfast Programs, issued a rule change affecting our school's ability to provide substitute beverages (such as juice for milk) to students with non-disabling conditions.  The USDA does not consider lactose intolerance a disability.

    The USDA rule now states that a non dairy beverage offered as fluid milk substitutes must be nutritionally equivalent to fluid milk, which means they must provide specific levels of calcium, protein, vitamins A and D, riboflavin and vitamin B-12.

    At the present time we do not have a product that is nutritionally equivalent to milk.

    Our school district offers choices to children and your child can choose not to take milk, but, is still required to take the components to make up the required school meal. under the USDA guidelines. If, your child has a serious milk allgery which may result in  anaphylaxis, please contact the school nurse as soon as possible.  She may want to meet with you to discuss yours child's condition in detail.

    Diet orders from a physcian, for disabling conditions, must answer a series of questions in order to be honored by the school district.  These diet orders must, identify the disability, explain why the disability restricts the child's diet, list the foods to be omitted from the child's diet and food choices that must be substituted.  the disrtict has a form that is required by the USDA and must be completed by the child's physician. These forms can be obtained from the either the Food Service Office located in the Middle School or on line.

    The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 requires the USDA to establish guidelines for all food sold on school grounds during the school day.
    School Fundraisers are included in these standards.  The rule requires each state to establish
    guidelines which will determine the number of fundraisers that do not meet the requirements that a district are permitted to allow.
    A fund raiser is considered an event that includes an activity which currency/tokens/tickets, etc.
    are exchanged for the sale or purchase of a product in support of the school or school related
    The Pennsylvania Department of Education has established the number of exempt fundraisers that will be permitted each year.  High School 10, and Elementary and Middle School 5.
    All requests for an exempt fundraiser must be submitted to the Building Principal and the District’s  Food Service Director. A fundraiser may not exceed one school week in duration. This request must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the start of the fundraiser.
    Please complete the Fundraising Request Form and please include all nutritional labels and information attached with the  completed request form.
    For more information please contact the Food Service Director.
    Click on the link below to see if your fundraiser items meets all USDA Guidelines



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