• Title I Schoolwide Plan

    **If you are interested in attending any Title I meeting, please contact
    Misty L. Slavic, Federal Programs Director, by emailing mslavic@freedom.k12.pa.us or by calling 724-775-5464 Ext. 131.

    What is a Title IA Schoolwide Plan?

    A schoolwide plan provides a detailed outline of why Title I funding is utilized and how funding and academic programs will assist students in achieving academic success.
    An effective Title IA schoolwide plan must include the involvement and input of members of the school community in order for plans to be comprehensive and effective.  A planning team composed of parents, teachers, administrators, math and reading coaches, reading specialists, and various educational program coordinators worked together to create the Freedom Area Elementary Schoolwide Plan.
    Freedom Area Elementary School: Schoolwide Plan
    *For a copy of the entire schoolwide plan or questions/comments, please contact the Federal Programs Coordinator,
    Misty L. Slavic at mslavic@freedom.k12.pa.us or by calling 724.775.5464

    Current Educational Program and Offerings
    • Enrichment and remediation provided by Reading and Mathematics Coaches
    • Remedial reading and math services through the RTII Program
    • Reading Programs: Go Phonics, Sounds Abound, 6 minute Solution, Road to Reading Recipe for Reading, Study Island, Step Up to Writing, and activities from Florida Center of Reading Research
    • Mathematics Programs: Everyday mathematics, Key Math, Study Island, Envision 2.0 Mathematics Pilot
    • Science program is based on the student centered approach and exploration
    • Science Programs: FOSS Kits and Carolina Biological Kits
    Assessments Utilized to Monitor Student Progress
    • NWEA
    • PSSA
    • ​CORE Reading Assessment
    • IOWA Test of Basic Skills
    • Math Measures
    • Various Formative Assessments
    Professional Development
    • College Classes
    • Workshops
    • Intermediate Unit trainings
    • Consultations with educational experts
    • Job embedded professional development
    • Grade level and whole school in-service training and workshops
    Parent Involvement
    • Open House
    • Conferences
    • Parent Tutors
    • Surveys
    • PTA
    • Story Walks
    • Summer Adventures in Reading
    • Book Fairs
    • Accelerated Reading Program
    • Jump-a-Thon
    • Title I meetings
    • Title I workshops and training
    • Student-Teacher-Parent Communication through student planners
    Freedom Area Elementary School Goals for 2015-2016
    1.  Create a Title I parent volunteer committee that works throughout the elementary building to assist, collaborate, and create opportunities for student engagement in the educational process.

    2.  75% of the first grade students will improve by one word a week in oral reading fluency.