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    Middle School Students and Parents/Guardians, 
    Welcome to another school year and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Freedom Area Middle School!  It is the hope of the Freedom Area Middle School staff that your experience will be a fun and exciting time in your life through new friendships, teachers, and new opportunities.  We feel that relationship building is essential to developing well-rounded students that excel academically, in the arts, and on our athletic teams.  We strive to develop positive relationships amongst our students and between students and staff members.   This year, we have an exciting and positive new program that we are implementing for the 2017-2018 school year.  This researched-based program, School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, is proven to be effective in improving the school atmosphere for students, staff, administration, and our community by setting fourth clearly stated expectations regarding behavior and making good choices.  We are calling our program “PAWS” and we are teaching and encouraging our students to have Positive Attitudes, be Accountable for their behaviors and make Wise and respectful choices.   
    In order for Freedom Area Middle School to be the most effective school possible, it is very important that we have a strong partnership with our parents/guardians and community.  Throughout the school year, you will receive information from the staff regarding your son/daughter’s academic performance as well as other key events that are occurring at the Middle School.  As parents/guardians, please invest time in talking with your son/daughter throughout the school year on their academic performance, relationships with their peers, and information that is communicated to you from the Middle School.  Please also consider attending Open House, participating in the FMS Parents organization, and volunteering during other opportunities throughout the school year.  We extend to you the invitation to join the administration and faculty as we maintain our progress and explore plans for improvement.  Your representation within the school is essential to creating a PAWSitive culture for you child.     
    Dr. Ryan Smith
    Freedom Area Middle School