P.A.W.S Program
    PAWS Program Description
    The PAWS Program is a new Positive School-Wide Behavior Program at Freedom Area Middle School. The program was designed with student and teacher input and is intended to promote and reward students who exhibit positive behaviors and attitudes throughout the school day. The three tenants of the program are having Positive Attitudes, being Accountable for Your Behavior, and making Wise and Respectful Choices, which together make Successful students.
    The goal of the PAWS Program is to create a social culture in our building that will encourage positive behaviors and interactions, while discouraging problem behaviors.  Research shows that a positive social school culture will lead to a safe environment where students achieve higher academically and build positive relationships with each other and with adults.  The foundation of this approach emphasizes teaching students the behaviors that we expect to see, reminding them to use those behaviors, acknowledging them when they do, and correcting them when they do not.
    The program will kick off with students being taught the specific behaviors expected for each area of the school. If students do not meet the behavior expectations, they will be retaught the proper behavior.  PAWS is designed to teach and reinforce the expected behaviors before discipline.  The goal of the program is to encourage students to not only be on their best behavior at school and in the community but also to be an example to their peers.  As a middle school team, we believe that students perform at their highest level when they are a part of a caring and safe learning environment, and that the students are an integral part of creating this environment for each other. 
    PAWS Reward System
    Students who show appropriate behaviors will be recognized on a daily basis by earning a PAW ticket from their teachers.  All of the PAW tickets will be entered for weekly prize drawings.  Students who continuously display good behaviors and who are role models for their peers will be awarded a Bulldog Bonus card. These students will be eligible for a mystery prize as part of the Principal’s 100.  At the end of semester all students who have received Bulldog Bonuses will be entered into a drawing for larger prizes which will be awarded at the end of the year.
    Misbehaviors will be handled at the classroom level and at the office level, with a focus on re-teaching the expected behaviors when needed.  Consequences will be administered according to the tiered system listed in the handbook. 

    Please click on the links below to view the list of Minor Infractions and Behavior Flow Chart.