• 2022-2023 Post-Secondary Schools Visit to Freedom 

    Numerous local post-secondary schools visit Freedom Area High School throughout the Fall every year. Juniors and seniors should always take advantage of meeting with the representatives to gather more information to help make better decisions about their schools of interest. 

    For the Fall of 2022, many post-secondary schools will be visiting Freedom Area High School. Juniors and seniors have an opportunity to talk with a post-secondary school representative.  

    Representatives will visit either during the Lunches in the Student Center or During PLT in the Guidance Office Conference room. Students will need to sign up on the Google Form for the PLT times. 

      • So Far we have scheduled the following schools. There will be more schools added:
        • 09/23/2022 - Gannon University (PLT Visit)
        • 09/26/2022 - Point Park University (During Lunches)
        • 09/26/2022 - Thiel College (During Lunches)
        • 09/27/2022 - Slippery Rock University (PLT Visit)
        • 10/03/2022 - LA Roche University (During Lunches)
        • 10/03/2022 - Seton Hill College (During Lunches)
        • 10/12/2022 - Youngstown State University (During Lunches)
        • 10/17/2022 - Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC) (During Lunches)
        • 10/24/2022 - Carlow College (PLT visit)
        • 10/24/2022 - Triangle Tech (During Lunches)

    Thank you, 

    Guidance Office