• The Cyber Center

    The Cyber Center

    The Freedom Area School District provides students with the opportunity to participate in a classroom environment for cyber learning. Students who are enrolled in the FASD Cyber Program have the option of accessing The Cyber Center that is located within the high school library. The Cyber Center is available for students during the traditional school day when school is in session. Students at the high school can have The Cyber Center placed within their traditional schedule or can attend this classroom when needing tutoring or additional support with their cyber courses. Middle or high school students who are choosing to complete their courses at home can also access The Cyber Center when additional help is needed by emailing the Cyber Coordinator the date and time in which they would like to attend. The Cyber Center is supervised during the school day by the district’s Cyber Coordinator. The classroom environment provides students with structure, a small group classroom setting, socialization with other cyber students and teachers, additional help with courses, progress monitoring, opportunities for tutoring, and a quiet learning environment.


    Cyber Center     Cyber Center