John Capehart



    Dear Freedom Elementary Students, Parents, and Guardians,


    It is my honor to welcome you to the Freedom Area Elementary School! Although COVID-19 has created a vast amount of challenges, and unforeseen changes from our traditional education system, our students, faculty, staff, parents, and community have adapted to these unprecedented times.  During the 2020-2021 school year, we have engaged in both virtual and face-to-face in-person instruction.  We continue to strive to provide a safe and educationally enriching learning environment.  


    At Freedom, we believe that learning is a balance of activities and skills that focus on communication, collaboration, responsibility, perseverance, and innovation. These ideas encompass what we refer to as The Profile of a Bulldog.  The Profile of a Bulldog supports student competencies and sets the tone for achieving skills at every age that are necessary for success beyond of four walls of a classroom. Learning experiences through technology-based systems, differentiated lessons, and diverse units of study are important for the individual growth of every student and faculty member at Freedom.


    Our Parent-Teacher Association works diligently to support excellence in education at Freedom Elementary through many exceptional committees that benefit our students. We appreciate the efforts of all who contribute to enriching our students’ educational experience through volunteering, fundraising, and other supporting roles.


    Freedom Elementary continues to focus on our School-Wide Positive Behavior Support system called PAWS. Our team has earned Tier 1 Fidelity over the past year through the implementation of this school-wide prevention program aimed to establish a social culture that supports appropriate behaviors.  Our focus through the acronym PAWS includes the following concepts: Positive Attitude, Accepting Responsibility, Working Together, and Safe Choices. We will continue to promote and reward students who exhibit positive behaviors and attitudes throughout the school day, including virtual learning.


    I look forward to working with you as we continue to strive for excellence through the mission, vision, and core values of the Freedom Area School District.



     Mr. John Capehart, Principal

     Freedom Area Elementary School


     724.775.1122 x402