• Title I Meeting Notes for 2015-2016
    The Title I Parent Committee will meet throughout the school year. Please click on the month to review the agendas and notes from each meeting. If you are interested in participating on the committee, please contact Misty Slavic at mslavic@freedom.k12.pa.us.

    August 2015

    September 2015
    October 2015

    November 2015- The monthly Title I meeting was replaced with the Parent Title I Night "Fall Fest for Learning". This link will take you to the brochure and agenda.
    December 2015
    January 2015
    March 2015
    April 2015
    May 2015
    Title I Parent Volunteer Survey

    Upcoming parent events will be listed here.


    Find out more about the PA Core Standards:

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    4.  Click on the option that says "PA Core Standards" and then choose your child's grade level

    What assessments does my child take?

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