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    Middle School Students and Parents/Guardians, 

    Welcome to another school year, and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Freedom Area Middle School!  

    The Freedom Area Middle School staff hopes that your experience, no matter what, will be fun, exciting, and safe. We feel that relationship building is essential to developing well-rounded students that excel academically, in the arts, and on our athletic teams.  As always, we strive to build positive relationships amongst our students and between students and staff members and will continue to utilize our PAWS program throughout the year.  We will continue to teach and encourage our students to have a Positive Attitude, be Accountable for their behaviors,  make Wise and respectful choices, and Spread Kindness to their peers and staff members.    

    We will continue to add to our current initiatives that we know will enhance your child’s experience at FAMS.  Starting this year, all students will participate in our kindness initiative called Random Acts of Kindness. The students will go through six domains of kindness and be exposed to engaging lessons every Monday during Academic Support. In addition, the staff will continue to evolve and develop our Academic Support time and will be supported by the addition of our three new interventionists: Math, ELA, and behavioral.

    For Freedom Area Middle School to be the most effective school possible through these challenging times, we must be: 

    • Flexible 
    • Patient
    • Positive and Strong Communicators
    • Resilient
    • Collaborative
    • Willing to Persevere 
    • Creative and Innovative
    • Respectful and Responsible 

    Throughout the school year, you will receive information from the staff regarding your son/daughter’s academic performance and other key events at the Middle School.  As parents/guardians, please invest time in talking with your son/daughter throughout the school year about their academic performance, relationships with their peers, and information communicated to you from the Middle School.  Please also consider attending Open House, participating with the FMS parent organization, and volunteering during other opportunities throughout the school year.  We extend the invitation to join the administration and faculty as we maintain our progress and explore plans for improvement.  Your representation within the school is essential to creating a PAWSitive culture for your child.   


    Dr. Ryan Smith


    Freedom Area Middle School