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Student of the Month award for "Communication"



Dean - Kindergarten
Dean is always looking for a way to bring out his classmates' ideas and
creative side, by sharing what he is doing in a highly thought out step by
step process, complete with all of the knowledge he has on whatever subject
he and his classmates are discussing.

Julianne - 4th Grade
Julianne is a very conscientious student who is always willing to help

Easton - 3rd Grade
Easton is always helping other students in the class. He works well with
everyone and easily offers solutions when groups cannot agree.

Olivia - 3rd Grade
Olivia is a masterful collaborator. Olivia can find the good in anyone and
will encourage others in her campaign to facilitate the group to great

Madison - 2nd Grade
Madison is a leader in the area of critical thinking. She always offers a
team approach and finds success.