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Electronic Benefit Transfer for Free and Reduced Eligible Students.

Electronic Benefit Transfer for Free and Reduced Eligible Students


Families of school-aged children certified as free or reduced eligible will receive the equivalent of the free high rate for lunch and the severe need rate for breakfast for each day school was closed.  That means a family will receive the benefit amount of $5.70 for each school-aged child for every school day from March 16th through June 12th.

This benefit will be issued in the form of an EBT card by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS).  It is important to note this benefit is not in lieu of meals that schools and communities are currently providing; P-EBT is in addition to those meals.


Reminder:  it is important that your contact information, most importantly name, address, and phone number, are up to date in order to receive your EBT Card.


Attention:  All families still have the ability to apply for free and reduced-priced meals.  If you are currently laid off or your income has changed in any way, please apply using  

Once your application is approved, you too will receive an EBT Card in the amount of $5.70 per day from the date your application is approved through June 12th.