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The Freedom Area School District will be conducting a virtual school board meeting via Zoom on TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2021, starting at 7 pm. **PLEASE NOTE THIS MEETING WILL NOT BE ON YOUTUBE**

The Freedom Area School District will be conducting a virtual school board meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, starting at 7 pm.   To register for access to this webinar, please click on the link below. After your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.  You may join us on your computer or by dialing in with the phone number which is included in the email. 


Register for this webinar:

The Freedom Area School District will NOT be streaming the board meeting live on YouTube. 


If you would like to comment during the Public Comment section of the agenda, You MUST sign up on the following link. The form must be completed by Tuesday, July 27, 2021, @ 4 pm. You will be called upon by the board president Mrs. Sharon Geibel when it is your time for comment. At this time your microphone will be unmuted by the host. Thank you.